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Chloe Brenden


Chloe has been styling in the Bellevue area since 2001. Chloe strives to be innovative and has had multiple continuing education classes. She spends time learning the latest color trends and techniques for each season including balayage, foiling, blonding, and rich multi-dimensional brunettes. When it comes to coloring, I have learned to create color palettes that compliment each client's skin type. It is my passion to make you look and feel the very best you ever have.*" Chloe brings more to your hair styling experience that just skill and knowledge. Chloe thrives on following all runway shows and fashion designers so that she can keep up with all latest trends of the season. Making sure that her clients have the latest color and cut is a top priority. As part of her service she provides clients with easy efficient ways to style their hair at home as if they were coming straight from the salon everyday. Chloe gets inspiration based on the classic icons from the 50's and 60's. "I pick and choose different elements from different eras and apply them to my styles. I follow what is happening in Paris and New York, but put my own Northwest spin on it."

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